Wednesday, September 1, 2010

What Would YOU Do With 2 1/2 Days Off?

Steven would spend it at the cabin. Steve’s family spends two weeks at a cabin in West Yellowstone every summer. It wasn’t easy for him to get the time off, and he had to work 10-12 hour days and weekends to do it, but he was very glad to get a long weekend at his very favorite place with his very favorite people.

Garffs at Cabin Luckily, Liam and I don’t have that problem. We went up to SLC a week earlier to have a baby shower for Katie and bridal shower for Kristi, two of our favorite people. The showers entailed lots of presents and lots of food and fun.

Getting into the presentsPlaying with Katie

At Katie’s shower, Liam met a girl who may possibly become the love of his life, Kambree (the daughter of our friend, Stacy). He was all over her.

Rolling on Kambree Cuddling with Kambree

Rolling overGirls with Bows

He has a thing for girls with bows as you can see from his date with Macy.

Kisses from Liam We spent LOTS of time with uncles and cousins. Some of his favorite times were spent looking at the cats (who wouldn’t stay close enough for a picture) or the birds (the turkey, Christmas, and Uncle Arthur, on the other hand, would)

arthur and the turkey He thought hanging out with cousin Lucy Porter was hilarious.

Lucy and Liam

Liam and Lucy Fun with Lucy

Cousin Nick loves babies and was great at keeping Liam entertained.

Liam and Nick

Will had fun with us too. Will and Liam LOVED hanging out together.Will and LiamHe begged to go to Target with us, since it’s his favorite store. The whole way there, Will was making William laugh hysterically. When we got to the store, I asked Will what he did to make Liam laugh…he was pushing on Liam’s face with his hand.Will and Liam in the car

Liam even got to play a real piano with Spencer.

Spencer and Piano But by far, the favorite cousin was Daniel. Liam couln’t get enough of him.

Daniel and Tummy TimeWrestling with Daniel Sitting with Daniel

Everytime they were together, Liam would laugh and talk and giggle and reach for his new bff.summer 2010 010 summer 2010 012

With Daniel in front of the fire

And after a week without Dad, my favorite part was when we got to see Steven again.

Driving the boat

Liam’s favorite part of the trip, other than playing with his cousins, was the beach. Playing at the beachGrandma Garff at the beach

We even let him get good and dirty.Getting Dirty

He was NOT a fan of the boat.

Boating with Mom

Grandma and Grandpa Garff even watched Liam so we could go out on a triple date with the other Garff boys and their significant others.

Grandsons with Grandpa Garff

The Williams had lots of good fun. Sitting with Grandpa

The beard was especially interesting for little baby hands.

Grandpa Garff's Beard Liam learned to brush his budding teeth (which have been threatening to break through for nearly 6 months now).

Brushing teeth

Liam also started saying “Babwaba” whenever we feed him banana-flavored puff snacks. We think he means, “banana”.

And, my personal favorite, saying “Mama” (which mostly happens when he is sad, but heart-wrenching, nonetheless.)

Cuddling with mom

The separation anxiety, on the other hand, was less than heart-wrenching. Especially when he decided to “nap” from 7-9 pm and cry for mom and dad until 11 or 12. Needless to say, we were all tired in the mornings.

Sleeping with Dad

Makes us glad to be back home.

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