Sunday, May 30, 2010

Step aside, Greyson Chance

William loves music. When he is crying, music will calm him down better than almost anything else. He always smiles when I play guitar and sing form him. He hates church but loves the hymns. His new favorite thing to do is play the piano and sing (ok, it's really more like shouting) along with it.
Yesterday we took William on what will be his first of many hikes.

As it was his first time, we decided to forgo one of the more ambitious hikes and opted for a waterfall behind our house.

As you can see, William was more interested in sleep than in the scenery.
Finally, in case you want to know what William will look like with hair (if he were also Luke Skywalker). Check out this link:

Friday, May 28, 2010

Baby for Sale

One 6-month old, adorable*, blue-eyed baby boy for sale. Answers to the name of William.

Currently accepting all offers.

234 *Disclaimer: Refuses/cries during attempts to nurse to sleep/at bedtime, fusses during bedtime routine, wakes up after 30 minutes (sometimes going back to sleep quickly, sometimes not so much), wakes up to even small noises, refuses to nap for longer than 30 minutes anywhere other than home, cannot sleep without binky, completely disregards his prior nap schedule in favor of utter chaos, wakes up to eat and doesn’t go back to bed for hours and/or wants to start his day at 5-ish.

At least he’s cute. Hopefully, one day I’ll either find this funny, or at least a far-distant memory.  I don’t even care if he sleeps through the night, as long as he would go back to sleep right after like he used to do and at least wake up consistently (oh, how I long for those old 6:45am days!). Until then, I miss my good sleeper (and my sleep).

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Top 10 Reasons to Love Rancho Cucamonga

10. No traffic (unless you are going to LA or the OC at certain times of the day)---and a 50 mph speed limit on the main roads---which means you can actually go the speed limit.

rancho 002

9. Frisbee Golf!

8. 1-4 hours closer to Utah (pending traffic)

7. Beautifully landscaped, tree-lined streets.

rancho 003

6. Minutes from the mountains (not that we've used it yet, but one day...)

5. Ward aerobics 3X/week, and loads of other RS activities to keep us busy

4. Walking distance to Steve's work, Target, and PetSmart. Which, on the downside, means we go there often, but it also means we can meet Steve for lunch.

rancho 001 3. Being able to afford a house

2. The fact that Steven has a job here (so I can stay home with our cutie pie)

1. Miles and miles (30+) of running trails, bike paths, parks, and par courses!


I NEVER thought I would ever say this, but even with all the great things about Rancho, I still miss LA. 1 hr away is sometimes just too far for the beach, the greatest food, and awesome friends.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Our Budding Genius

Liam has developed an amazing amount of skills lately that has given us lots of opportunity for pictures.

He studies law books on a regular basis,

Solves the Rubix Cube,

Plays the keyboard,

Recognizes Kiki,

and sits up all by himself.