Monday, February 25, 2013

Milestones and Memories

It's been a week of milestones at our house; Caleb got his first tooth (gotta love late teething nursers!!!), learned to crawl (That kid will do anything for food or drink!),

and also figured out how to get into a sitting position from his belly (once or twice, anyway).

Lily is a little motor, pulling up, crawling around at lightening speeds, and taking what she wants from anybody.

Lily is particularly fond of pulling books of the shelf and taking things out of boxes and bags.

She is getting her two top teeth in, putting our grand total at 11 months at 5 teeth.

William is a pro at going potty all by himself, and even remembers to wash his hands and flush. He knows most of the letters and is working on the sounds. And of course, he is still as silly as can be.

William has always (once we got to 6 months old, anyway) been a decent sleeper, and we have had minimal problems, even with weaning his binky or transitioning him to a big bed. Now, unfortunately, he had a couple of weeks where he insisted sleeping with mom and dad since there were "flies in his room".  Yeah, I know. Of all the things to be afraid of, our kid picks flies. Due to the bribe of cartoons and a Superwhy shirt if he stayed in his room until the sun came up (I can't be Mom until at least 6 am), he finally has gotten back into his own room, 5/6 times. It wouldn't be such a big deal if we didn't get kicked all night and if William's room was downstairs, but I think we will sleep better with the prior arrangements of one to any beds smaller than twin-size. William can also put away the silverware and is (albeit slowly) learning to dress and undress himself, making my load a bit easier.

My kids are getting so big I can hardly stand it! They have even started exercising to be more like Mom:

One of these days I won't have babies at all anymore. While I will appreciate not bring so demanded depended upon, it definitely makes me understand why people keep having babies.




Monday, February 18, 2013

Pinterest Projects

My goal this year is to make 1 project/activity per week that I have pinned on Pinterest. I figure they are pinned for a reason, right?

Here are some of my latest projects:

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

One of these things, is not like the other...

My babies, who shared a womb, a birthday, and every cold in existence, could not be more different. Even though they have the same parents, and are the same age, it still surprises me how unlike they are. They even take turns being the "good sleeper" (1 month-4 months and 7-10 have been Caleb) and the bigger one (Caleb I think has Taken over forever On that one!). Here's just a starter list of what we have discovered so far.

Manly Little Man
Is a lefty
Has no teeth
Can't figure out how to get from sitting to laying down and vice versa
Walking with mom or rolling is preferred transportation method
Thick blondish hair
Total Momma's boy
Very dependent on mom, not motivated to do things for himself
Likes to make loud noises
Binky boy (which, surprisingly, he wouldn't even hardly take one for a month.)
Rakes up his food and 25% ends up on the floor/high chair, another 25% on his face/clothes/bib, and the remaining half in the mouth.
Loves to move his legs
Square face, chubby cheeks, thick thighs, round belly
Fusses at minor things
Big smiles all the time and at everyone
Loves everyone
Only says Dada, and occasionally Baba
Obsessed with Baths
Can't maneuver around that big belly of his
Can't keep socks on to save his life
Crazy, droopy, eczema face/hand
Loves to hit things together, shake rattles.
Cries for things he wants

Girly Girl
2 teeth at 7 month
Can get around the room strictly by changing position from sitting to laying with the occasional roll.
Likes to crawl and/or stretch to get from place to place
Thin, brown hair
Daddy's princess
Tries to figure things out on her own
Relatively quiet
Finger sucker (index and middle)
Picks up all her food daintily and puts it right in her month
More interested in working her arms
Heart-shaped face, thin body
Smiles have to really be worked for and earned.
Not a fan of strangers
Says, Dada, Mama, baba, Lala, wawa, and a few other things we can't pronounce.
Baths are a sometimes a big hit, other times, a disaster
Nicknamed elastigirl because she is so flexible, she can reach anything within a2-foot radius without crawling or rolling closer.
Can keep socks on just fine (hair bows, however, are a whole other story)
Sweet, perfect baby skin
Puts everything in her mouth and bites it (newest obsession: toes)
Gets everything she wants (either by force or "persuasion"

Don't worry, there are some similarities. Like those big, blue eyes and dainty facial features. And the crazy hair, of course. They are both fast eaters and only nurse for 5 minutes, 4x/day. Both of them love to eat...we haven't found anything they won't eat. But it means we spend a small fortune on food.

And they both are silly, love to pull hair (especially mine, William's, and each others). They love noisy toys and their family and 100% attention (though Caleb demands it more, lol).

And both are pretty good sleepers (after way too many sleepless nights and lots of effort on our part) and take 2 naps (10-12 and 3-4) and sleep all night (730-700) most of the time. They go to sleep awake and I usually don't hear from them until it is time to get up. And both are cuddly if you catch them at the right time.

Last, but not least, both are absolutely adorable.

Monday, February 4, 2013

On the Move

Lily is officially on the move. Crawling, pulling up, rolling, etc. and of course, the crawling started because she wanted my phone.

Caleb is also on the move. Mostly just rolling everywhere...but he also loves to walk while pushing siblings on their cars or holding Mom's hands.