Sunday, September 12, 2010

Inland Empire


On Labor Day April, William, and I loaded up the car and headed into the interior to explore the IE. Our first stop was Hadley’s, which is basically the world capitol of dried fruit. We loaded up on trial mix, dried papayas, and chocolate covered pretzels to fuel our adventure (in retrospect the chocolate covered pretzels were a poor choice for an expedition into the desert).

Next stop: the Salton Sea (think the Great Salt Lake only hotter, more desolate, and even smellier). DSCN2489 DSCN2490 DSCN2523

The shore was made up of these coral shell thingsDSCN2488

And also dead fish, lots of dead fish.DSCN2515 DSCN2509 DSCN2510

Next we explored the date farms and back roads of the Coachella Valley.

DSCN2528 DSCN2529


On the way home we took the scenic route through the mountains to Idyllwild.

DSCN2547 DSCN2545 DSCN2550 DSCN2552 DSCN2555

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Brian said...

Isn't Cabazon great? Right next to beautiful downtown Banning. You guys drove right past my house (on the way to Idylwild), my high school in Banning, and my work (in Cabazon). You should have only visited one... now you'll forever have to debate where to settle down.