Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I'm a Mormon

The Church has a new campaign meant to highlight both the diversity and normalcy of individual Mormons. Unfortunately, they couldn't include everybody. Here are a couple of Mormon profiles that didn't make the cut:

Aaron Eckhart

I'm the boyfriend in a notoriously cheesy seminary video,
I am Gotham's White Knight,
and I'm a Mormon.

Brandon Flowers

I am human,
I am dancer,
and I am Mormon.

Who else got left out?


Julie said...

hahaha I love this. I just laughed out loud.

Julie said...
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Jerkolas said...

This has info on tons of supposedly Mormon folks:


I don't know how credible it is and most of the people seem to either be people you have never heard of or people you have heard of that were raised in Mormon households, but stop practicing or never really practiced their faith.

My favorite: Gary Kurtz. Yep a man that helped bring us Star Wars!