Thursday, March 24, 2016

Park Days

The weather has been bipolar lately. We'll have snow one day, and warm sun the next.
And even a couple of days with rainstorms.
Because of this weather, especially with a baby who can't be in the cold due to her Reynauds, means we have been very cooped up. 
So we have started getting outside any chance we can get.
It seems like the kids don't usually want to stop what they are doing, but after I force them to go to the park, they are almost always thrilled to be there. 
Jane, especially, is a BIG fan of the swing.

William, tends to stick to climbing or playing in the sand.

We also spent an afternoon at Wheeler farm with friends. There were some super cute newborn cows and goats, but the boys were more interested in exploring.
Hopefully the weather warms up more permanently soon. 
We can't wait to put the park back into our  daily schedule!

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Jane: 10 Months

Can you believe Jane is already 10 months???

Jane can stand!!!

It's taken a fair amount of work and multiple sessions with a physical therapist, but she's doing it! We've been referred to an occupational therapist for this. Our physical therapist thinks it could be a sensory issue, or potentially related to her purple feet (possible Reynauds). 

We're still working on posture and balancing on her whole foot, but so far, so good. 
Standing is one of Jane's favorite things to do.

Other current favorite include: 


The Park





Jane is also babbling a lot more and doing really well with eating.  She isn't quite talking yet, but does occasionally say bababa when she wants bananas, and she makes an "eeeh!" sound that means "I WANT THAT, GIVE IT TO ME!" So we're getting close. I love seeing her little personality blossom!