Tuesday, January 24, 2017

New Year, New Me

It's time for annual resolutions!!! I've decided to do things a bit differently this year. I've decided my priorities and aligned my goals to match.

Priorities: Me, Steven, Kids, Family, $, Organization 

Here's the breakdown.


1. Running PR: I'm training hard for the Ogden Marathon, with SOJO as backup. I'm following an advanced marathoner plan (the same one I was following when I got pregnant with Jane!) and hoping to get 3:15 or lower. I'd also be ok with a half marathon 1:22 or lower. So far I haven't missed a day of the schedule despite all the snow! And it's intense! Often 8-9 miles on weekdays and 12-22 on the weekends!

2. Weight: I'm hoping to lose 10-15 lbs this year and limit the junk that comes to our home as much as possible. So far, I've already lost all the weight from Christmas and I have high hopes to be done with this goal by June.

3. Reading: 17 books. Not particularly ambitious, but I have 3 little kids at home all day so this isn't my priority for this season of life. I've already completed Dune and The Stranger so only 15 more to go!


4. Dates: 1 date OUTSIDE of the house every month. With 4 little ones and few local babysitting options, this is proving to be a challenge, but February is complete!

5. Visit the temple: Again with the babysitting, it's complicated, but we have a goal to go 3 times this year.

We also have some non-official goals of completing a marriage book club just between the two of us and to keep up the fun and positivity we had from our first real getaway without the kids.


6. Dates: we have a goal of getting each kid a one-on-one date each month. I've even made a schedule. 

7. Wean Lily from fingers: she's been a finger sucker since a tiny infant. happy to say this one is complete!

8. Teach Caleb and Lily to read: they know all the letters and sounds and a few sight words. Caleb is pretty good at sounding out words but I wouldn't say he can quite read yet. Hoping to complete by summer.
Reading "I Ain't Gonna Paint No More" for the millionth time...
9. Swimming: I'd like William to make swim team (if he wants) and Caleb and Lily to be proficient in the deep end. I think we will make it by summer and if they do, I promised to buy a pool pass!
Caleb at the bottom of the pool. He was terrified to do this a few months ago!
10. Potty train and Binky wean Jane: can you believe she'll be 2 this year! Hoping to ditch the binky around 2 and potty train when all the other kids are in school.


11. Vacations: we've been saving hard! Big plans for vacations this year!!! Disneyland, cabin, UCLA reunion, a girls' trip, and Hawaii to visit Grandma and Grandpa Garff!

12. Read Harry Potter: is like to read at least Book 1, perhaps Book 2. Movie nights when we finish!

13. Blog: At least once a month, but I'm going to try weekly if I have anything good to say or pix to charge.

14. Summer Camps: This was such a hit we are making it a tradition! A couple of options we are considering: repeats of Star Wars, Lego, Princess, and cooking camps. Other new ideas: Harry Potter, inventions, Ocean, Animals.

15. House Projects: I want to do one bigger project a month to improve our house and get ready for a remodel next year.


16. Emergency fund:  I'd like to have a solid amount. At least 2-3 months worth of house payments. After all the emergencies in the last year, our emergency fund is pretty bare---though we've been lucky enough to always have enough!

I also have some non-official money goals of not spending money when the monthly budget is up and paying our house ahead to only have 9 years left on the loan.


The house projects also fit under this priority. But my final goal is more fun!

17. Pinterest Projects: I'm shooting for once a week. I have a long list of ideas I'm dying to try. Things for me, the family, and also for fun. Here's a picture of my most recent one.


I'm usually pretty good at getting a lot accomplished with my resolutions. I may not complete every one, but I'll come close and definitely be happy with the results. Here's to a great 2017!!!