Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The Art of William

William has gotten really into drawing lately. I love it. He is so creative in his drawings.

Here is a few of my favorites:

A map

I think this is a submarine.
Dad took the twins camping and William, Jane and I hit up Color Me Mine:
And my personal favorite, the immortal jellyfish. Polyps and all.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Caleb the Photographer

Every time Caleb gets his hands on my phone, he takes a picture (and sometimes more than one). There's usually maniacal laughter that accompanies it. It's too funny. Here are some of his latest:

And my personal favorite, a selfie:

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Jane: 2 Months

Jane is now 2 months and we are finally settling into a new routine as a family of 6. Which means there is a little less chaos. But still probably more crazy than at your house. :)
New this month: 

-Jane now sleeps longer stretches at night!!!! We can consistently count on 5 hours, sometimes even close to 7.5 or 8 in a row. This is HUGE. I feel less tired now than when I was pregnant. And sometimes I even get stuff done.

-Smiling! Jane smiles more now. Mostly just at me and Steve, but occasionally for siblings or other family members.
-Nap training. Stressing over sleep is my least favorite part of newborns. I've been tracking Jane's sleep the last week, and she is consistently 1-2 hours less than she probably should have, with naps almost always only being 30 minutes with a rare longer nap. Once I have her an opportunity to try to put herself to sleep instead of just rush in with a binky, she has done MUCH better... In fact, she is currently on a nap extension going on 2 hours (at the same time the twins were napping!). I think it probably helps her at night too, but she is all business at night and just nurses herself to sleep. This means we almost never leave the house because she naps best in her bed. I'm getting a little cabin fever but need to remember that it will be worth it.
-Improved head control. She's a lot less wobbly. Next month, we'll work on tummy time.
-Recognition. Jane definitely knows me and Steve, and her siblings. Though focusing and head turning is still hard.
-Weight gain! We go to the Dr. next week, but according to my home scale, Jane is over 10 lbs.!!!! She's definitely thickening up and getting some cute little baby fat rolls. Jane was also blessed at our home ward this month.  It marks the first time one of our children was blessed in our own ward. We had lots of family and friends come and it was a great event.