Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Slow is right; He certainly won't be winning races anytime soon! He does a wounded (more like amputated) soldier/roll/inchworm crawl, and really struggles to move forward. But from all the other moms I've talked too, maybe we're the lucky ones.

After an afternoon with his friends Rushton, Macy, and Celia a few weeks ago, peer pressure finally got to Liam. He's mobile (sort of).

His favorite things to go for are Mom's "toys" (iPod and cell phone). Who wants their own toys when Mom's are so much cooler?

Next stop, walking (which he's probably closer to than learning to really crawl now that he’s cruising, too).

In other news, Liam loves the teacup ride. At least someone will go on it with me now.

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Julie said...

Mac and I are cracking up at the inchworm crawl. How cute!! :)