Monday, October 29, 2012

Current Events and Family Fun

We’ve had a VERY eventful week.  Not only did we HAVE to hit up the SLC Library book sale (and go home with 50 books), but my younger brother, John, came home from his mission in Costa Rica. We had quite the party at the airport.

Airport John

Silly Billy could not have been more excited.  All day long he kept talking about how we would see John and he would give him a hug.

Farmer Billy

The next few days were filled with Halloween parties galore.  With a baby duck and Lily Lamb, we made the perfect Farmer Family.

Farmer Family

We also got both cute boys to snuggle in their puppy pjs. 

Puppy Pals

One day, I hope we can finally get them to like each other.  Hopefully sooner, rather than later. At this point, we’ll take what we can get (in this case, just posing for a picture was a bonus).

Sunday was my brother’s homecoming.  It was something we couldn’t really miss, so we packed up half the house and our sick twins and went anyway.  It was a blast to see everyone again since we don’t get out very often due to our current one-car and infant twin situation.

After, we went with my brother Phil and his family to walk around Gardner Village.  Liam LOVED all the spiders and pumpkins. We took the opportunity to get a family photo.  It was since discovered that it is IMPOSSIBLE to get a picture with all 3 kids looking decent, so our best one has Lily eating her dress and is missing half of William.

Gardner Village

Today, we went with Grandma Karen, and Catherine and her children to Wheeler Farm.

Wheeler Farm Fun

This made Farmer Billy’s Day.


This has got to be his favorite place.  Big green tractors, running around a corn maze, animals, farmers, and pumpkins.  What more could a 3-year-old want?

TractorBig Green Tractor

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Post-Babies Racing

Finally.  A non-baby post!  I ran the SoJo (South Jordan) Half Marathon over the weekend as my first real (5Ks don’t count) post-baby race.  It’s not quite the same as my last one, 2 months before I got pregnant.  Last time, I was in the greatest shape of my life, placed in my age group, got a 1:28 PR, and loved almost every minute of it.

Last weekend was less fun.  I basically didn’t sleep the night before, between pre-race anxiety, insomnia, and baby feedings (they usually go all night, figures the night before the race they would wake up a couple of times between them and ruin the schedule, right?). 

Half Marathon

It started out by me stepping out of my car into a wet puddle.  Not only did I have wet feet, but it was really cold to start, and we had a strong headwind longer than I would have preferred, and lots of flat, suburbia views.  Not my favorite.  I personally prefer dry feet, rolling hills, and city or country vistas.  But, the course was 1/2 mile from my parents’ house, so they and 2 of my brothers came to see my at mile 9. 

Overall, I did enjoy the race, and even managed to come away without blisters, despite my wet feet at the start. But, boy am I sore! This definitely was my upper limit after having twins. I enjoyed the race, and will maybe even consider going next year. Half-Marathon massages and Chic-Fil-A lunch do a lot to sway my vote.  I ended up running a 1:47. 

Half Marathon finish

Not bad considering my first ever half was a 1:45, and that I took 7 months off exercising and spent 3 of those flat on my back.  It will probably take me another year to get into better shape, and I probably won’t have the time for quality training and baby weight loss until I wean the twins next year.  I’m planning on 3-6 1/2s next year so I can have a real focus and continue to improve.  Next year’s goal will be to break 1:25 and I’ll just go from there.

Luckily, my belated push present is coming once we move next month.  A treadmill.  That will be great for days that babies are sleeping, I need speed work help, or it’s just too dark or cold for this SoCal girl to handle.  I foresee a lot of indoor running over the winter and I can’t wait.  :)

Monday, October 8, 2012


6 monthsWe did it!!! We survived the first six months of twins!  Let me tell you, some of these days were pure survival just to make it through dinner and bedtime. Luckily now, we’re able to get out and about almost every day, get everyone (including me) dressed and fed at regular intervals, AND even occasionally go fun places like my parents’ house or the zoo.

Liam and Jared at the zoo

Once or twice, we even all went running (literally) errands to the doctor and bank; though I prefer to do those things without having to buckle up all three kids and make sure I have a fully stocked diaper bag. We even finally paid off the tab for these $12K babies (after insurance, ugh!). Good thing Medicaid chipped in, since that saved us a few thousand at least.

I figured out the best way to make it through the day is to make everyone take a nap at the same time, even if it means Liam goes down at 11:30 and the twins only take a 30 minute nap (we’re in the process of nap-training---ick!).  Since we went through a non-napping phase, I’ve given up on trying to make Liam nap and so I just put him down for “not-so-quiet-time” after the babies go down. It just so happens that now he wants to take a nap every day.

sleepy hat

I’m totally cool with that.

And we’re starting to get William used to the idea of siblings.

Three in the Bed

Sometimes he even gets excited to go feed them (because he gets to jump on the bed, lol) or have them come to the park (like I’d leave them home). He still mostly ignores them, though occasionally we can coerce him into giving out a hug or kiss. It’s pretty hard to resist cute faces like these:

Caleb Happy!!!

The last six months have seriously flown by (or dragged on, depending on the day).  I can’t believe we made it this far, and am so excited by the changes we have seen and those still to come in the near future.

Like sitting up.


Caleb does a lot better than Lily, even starting to sit up without using his hands for support, whereas Lily sits up in a very flexible version of tummy time.  Or just eats her socks.

Eating Socks

And they’re starting to fight over toys.  Though by “fighting” I mean that Lily tries to take whatever she decides she wants since Caleb is still very uncoordinated.

toy fight

They’ve gone back to the smaller percentiles…we thought for sure Caleb would pass up William, but he’s slowed down at only 14 lbs., 5 oz. Lily is even smaller at 13 lbs., 12 oz.. Both just over 25 inches, with Lily being a bit longer, and Caleb having a slightly bigger head. But considering they were born small and early, and their brother was on the smaller side his first year, no one is that concerned.  Especially thinking that all that growth was entirely on breast milk, and that they sleep through the night a fair amount, it’s not surprising that they aren’t as big as some other babies. I love thinking that all that chubby cuteness was grown entirely by me.

But alas, we’ve had to resign to the fact that solids would come into their lives.  I tried to put it off as long as possible (would YOU want to spoon feed two babies and pay for all that? Not me.), but we decided to give in this weekend and start with the mushy goodness that is rice cereal.  Lily isn’t a fan, but Caleb gladly finishes her portion.  It’s just as crazy as I anticipated with all the preparation, cleanup, and supervision (of an older toddler, too) that you can imagine. I’ve even pureed a bunch of vegetables and fruit to save us money on these double portions. I hate this phase…hoping we move into finger foods before too long.

I’m excited to see what the next six months brings to the Garff family.  With Steve’s new job and a move next month, we’re thrilled with the changes to come and the craziness that will accompany it.  Especially once we get two mobile babies…Stay tuned!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Silly Billyness: Lawn Mower

Silly Billy has always been a fan of the lawn mower.  He got a bubble mower for his last birthday and it has been a big hit. 

lawn crew

Most recently, he has decided to “help” Steven mow the lawn.  And by “help”, I actually mean follow him around the entire lawn for an hour until it is completely finished. Silly Billy actually cried because Steve delayed out the edger and was talking to me instead.

He’s done the entire lawn 2 weeks in a row…I wonder how long it will take until he gets bored? It’s nice because it gives me some time with just the twins (or if the twins are asleep, my projects).

like father, like son

And of course, William is rarely seen without his farmer hat. This kid cracks me up.