Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Revenge of the Nerds

When A + S = Baby:

Nerdy William Nerd

Liam decided the calculator was his new favorite toy. We also figure William will probably end up with glasses of his own, but until then, he just loves to play with ours.

We hope you’re not surprised by his nerdy tendencies; after all, you know his smart, sometimes socially awkward, book-devouring, Sci-Fi-watching, Big Bang Theory-loving parents.

To encourage his lifelong love of learning, I took Liam to the Los Angeles National History Museum since my brother Daniel and his wife Karalee are in town visiting.

Daniel, William, and the T-Rex

He wasn’t too sure about the T-Rex.


But William LOVED hanging out with Karalee.

Cuddling with Karalee Rainforest

And he did leave with a few new friends.

 LA NHM 007 LA NHM 003

And we also found out what William may look like if he ever decides to grow hair.

LA NHM 002

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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Brown Paper Packages, Tied Up With String…

William is definitely showing his likes and dislikes now, and we are getting a glimpse of his little personality.

His current favorites include:


William 002 (7)

Playing Keyboard

William 001

The Jungle Cruise

William 001


William 001 (2)

William Garff 002 (2)


William 002 (3)

William 003 (2)


William 029

Plants (once, he even cried unless he could see the trees)

William 013


William 005 (2)

Mom’s Hair



William 001 (4)

Binkies---LOVE that he can re-binky himself now! (makes naps MUCH better)

William 001 (5)

William 007 (3)


William Garff 018

William 002 (3)


William Garff 004 (3)

Feet (and his hands, your hands, your face, and anything else close enough to grab and put in his hands or mouth)

William 003 (6)

William 003

Being silly



William 012

William 007

William 008

Clapping (“If You’re Happy and You Know It” is starting to grate on my nerves)

William 035

William 033

and girls (with his big blue eyes, dimple, and social personality, we’re in for a rough time with the teenage years…)

William 029

William VERY vocally expresses his strong dislike of certain things such as:

Church (hopefully he’ll grow out of it, but at least we’re in the library)

William Garff 001

Loud Noises

Tummy Time (don’t let his cute face fool you)


When Mom is too slow with the foodWilliam Garff 013

The Snot Sucker


William 006

If his grown up personality is anything like how he is now, Liam will be a cute, impatient, nature/animal-loving, cuddly, silly, sensitive, musical, girl-crazy kind of a guy. It will be interesting to see what traits stick around!