Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Big Changes and Big Fun

Remember last week when I posted about Steven’s interview?  Well, he got the job. Special thanks to Catherine and her babysitter’s dad for remembering Steve’s job hunt.

Steven works for a law firm that is the house counsel for a supplement called Basic Research which markets things like makeup and supplements. He actually started Monday but I’ve been to busy to blog about it.  I am SO glad for such a positive change after 10 months of underemployment and 11 months of unemployment over the last two years---we’re back in the game! It’s a better job than we could have even hoped for---great benefits (even paid vacation!!!), great salary, nice coworkers, and regular 9-6 hours! This does NOT happen in the legal world (not unless you work for practically free). The only downside is that his office is clear out past the airport, so we’re not going to be living within walking distance and I’ll be without a car during the day. Hopefully a year or so from now, I’ll say it was worth the wait, though currently I’m just happy to have one less thing to worry about and glad that Steve has a full-time job.

Steven has also started teaching philosophy courses online for Independence University (they own Steven Henagar Colleges) on Monday, too. For the past month, he was doing legal temp work full-time, and we thought we’d just have to make do with the temp work, teaching, and Steve also interviewed for JAG so we could have benefits---we got lucky that this job is better than all that and a lot less complicated and much more steady work. So far, so good!!!

To celebrate, we all went out for frozen yogurt and Steve and I even snuck away to a temple session for the first time since the babies. It was my first time at a live session and was fantastic.

Steve’s temp job ran out of work last week, so we all took the opportunity to go to the zoo.  Yes, we even took Caleb and Lily, though they weren’t really impressed.


Even with a polar bear inches away.


We got in for half price since our LA Zoo pass was still valid, so we decided to splurge on a carousel ride.  Our good luck continued as the attendant decided to give me a 10-pass ticket for the price of one.Bug


And we all got to ride a time or two.


Since the zoo is so close, we left the twins home with Dad for their first nap, and Grandma Garff and I took cousin Daniel with us since his mom had just had a baby.

Monkeys at the zoo

Daniel was a little wary of both the gorilla and the polar bear (hence the picture in the stroller), but our Silly Billy was up for anything. I love his sense of adventure and excitement!


He seriously watched the polar bear for what seemed like forever.Polar Bear

And didn’t even flinch.

Polar Bear 2

I think the polar bear might have been his favorite. :)Polar Bear Ride

We’ve had lots of changes with the little guys, too.

Caleb has taken 3 1 hr+ morning naps in a row (I hope this is a new trend!) and also learned to sit up. His hair has also started developing a cowlick that looks like I style his hair. Notice our princess in the background eating her shirt?  Yeah, such a lady.


One of these days I’ll have to get a picture. He’s a darling little man.


Lily discovered her feet.




The first thing she does after waking up is to take off her socks and suck on her toes.  Not very ladylike, but adorable.P1030364



We’re just glad these changes don’t involve those big beautiful blue eyes.

Along with all these other changes, we’re hoping to add one more: a change of living space.  We’re looking to buy a place of our own, and are excited for that new adventure ahead. Owning a home has been my goal FOREVER (I think my goal at 14 was to have it paid off by age 35, though that’s not going to happen, lol) and I’m thrilled that it will hopefully not be too much longer.


Jill said...

Just found out today through my brother that Steve works at his same office! My older brother John was talking with Steve and they figured out the connection since Steve knew my maiden name. They both served missions in the Philippines and love the outdoors. He's at a really good place, I've heard a lot of good things from my brother. Small world!

Julie said...

Ahhhhhh yayayayayayayayayayay!!!!!!! This is the greatest blog post ever, such great news! We are really happy for you guys. We just wish the new job was in Vegas. :) Your kids are so adorable. Lily looks more like William than Caleb to me. I need to see those two in person! And get Rush and Liam back together!

SGarff said...

@Jill, Yeah, It's crazy. I'm surprised I didn't put it together earlier. It just dawned on me this morning: went to East High, mission in the Philippines, last name Snow... He's Jill's brother!