Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Twin Photo Dump

I’ll be honest, we don’t take too many pictures anymore.  Our regular camera got broken, and our backup isn’t great.  Plus, I’m so busy looking at these cute faces to take many pictures these days.DSCN2614

Cousin Matthew came to visit after a doctor appointment.

Caleb has the funniest expressions.  And as long as he’s being held (all day long, mind you…) he is as happy as can be.


How can you resist that face?  With his chunky cheeks and drool-covered chin, it’s a hard face not to love.

Cute boylovey face

Lily’s a little shy, so we don’t get quite as many good pictures of her, but she is the sweetness in our lives.

Double babiesSweetness

And of course after last weekend’s game, both babes are now die-hard Ute fans.

Ute fans

Daddy had an important interview yesterday, so I cut his hair and picked out a tie. Lily and Caleb wore their favorite “I love Daddy” outfits to wish him luck.

Daddy Luck


Jill said...

Love seeing your cute twins growing!

Dagny said...

Where was he interviewing? Good luck! Those babies are so cute I could eat them up.