Monday, October 1, 2012

Silly Billyness: Lawn Mower

Silly Billy has always been a fan of the lawn mower.  He got a bubble mower for his last birthday and it has been a big hit. 

lawn crew

Most recently, he has decided to “help” Steven mow the lawn.  And by “help”, I actually mean follow him around the entire lawn for an hour until it is completely finished. Silly Billy actually cried because Steve delayed out the edger and was talking to me instead.

He’s done the entire lawn 2 weeks in a row…I wonder how long it will take until he gets bored? It’s nice because it gives me some time with just the twins (or if the twins are asleep, my projects).

like father, like son

And of course, William is rarely seen without his farmer hat. This kid cracks me up. 

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