Sunday, September 9, 2012

Silly Billyness: Jobs

Since Steven has been looking for work, there's been lots of talk about jobs in out family. William often talks about how we will get a new house and go to Disneyland when Daddy gets new work. We talk about how Mommy's work is to feed/change the babies and help William. And often he talks about going to work at construction sites with Papa, or pretends to work with Farmer, Pirate, and Puppy.

Even so, this morning's discussion took me be surprise when I got Silly Billy out of his crib.

William: "Me got a job, Mom!"

Me (interested): "Oh, really? Where do you work?"

William: "At the Bank!"

Me: "And what do you do at your work at the bank?"

William: "Eat suckers."

Well, I guess I've figured out why William doesn't mind running errands with me! It's funny how kids set their priorities and what they like to pretend about. I hope he still finds work to be so much fun when it comes his time to do it for real, but he'll sure be in for a shock when he finds out what they really do at the bank...I hope he'll be ok with it. :)

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Julie said...

Hahaha that is so cute. This is such a fun age because of all the silly things they say!