Monday, May 3, 2010

Our Budding Genius

Liam has developed an amazing amount of skills lately that has given us lots of opportunity for pictures.

He studies law books on a regular basis,

Solves the Rubix Cube,

Plays the keyboard,

Recognizes Kiki,

and sits up all by himself.


Catherine said...

He sits up all by himself? No way!

Julie said...

How will Rush ever keep up with him at this rate?? =)

How cute that he sits up!!

Dagny said...

I love it. LOVE IT! Kate's a keyboard player, too. They should have a jam session sometime. She prefers to eat law books, though.

Welfymom said...

Clever, clever Liam. Good job young man.

Jacy said...

I love that the rubix cube is slowly solved through the pictures. He's waaaaay ahead of me! Way to go Liam!!

Karen said...

He is so cute. Have to have some more William time soon.