Friday, May 28, 2010

Baby for Sale

One 6-month old, adorable*, blue-eyed baby boy for sale. Answers to the name of William.

Currently accepting all offers.

234 *Disclaimer: Refuses/cries during attempts to nurse to sleep/at bedtime, fusses during bedtime routine, wakes up after 30 minutes (sometimes going back to sleep quickly, sometimes not so much), wakes up to even small noises, refuses to nap for longer than 30 minutes anywhere other than home, cannot sleep without binky, completely disregards his prior nap schedule in favor of utter chaos, wakes up to eat and doesn’t go back to bed for hours and/or wants to start his day at 5-ish.

At least he’s cute. Hopefully, one day I’ll either find this funny, or at least a far-distant memory.  I don’t even care if he sleeps through the night, as long as he would go back to sleep right after like he used to do and at least wake up consistently (oh, how I long for those old 6:45am days!). Until then, I miss my good sleeper (and my sleep).


Welfymom said...

Oh yes, you're into the "every 6 months adjustment" period. Just when you think you have a routine down things start to change. And if you count back you'll probably find about 6 months between episodes. Hated it, but at least it was predictable and after I figured out that was what was happening, made it a little more tolerable. Don't sell him yet. (And if you do - I get first bid!)

The Burnetts said...

6 months is the magic time when they stop their normal routine and throw you for a complete loop...don't worry, he'll adjust again, but as soon as you figure out the new routine, he'll probably change it again! Good thing they're so darn cute!