Thursday, May 20, 2010

Top 10 Reasons to Love Rancho Cucamonga

10. No traffic (unless you are going to LA or the OC at certain times of the day)---and a 50 mph speed limit on the main roads---which means you can actually go the speed limit.

rancho 002

9. Frisbee Golf!

8. 1-4 hours closer to Utah (pending traffic)

7. Beautifully landscaped, tree-lined streets.

rancho 003

6. Minutes from the mountains (not that we've used it yet, but one day...)

5. Ward aerobics 3X/week, and loads of other RS activities to keep us busy

4. Walking distance to Steve's work, Target, and PetSmart. Which, on the downside, means we go there often, but it also means we can meet Steve for lunch.

rancho 001 3. Being able to afford a house

2. The fact that Steven has a job here (so I can stay home with our cutie pie)

1. Miles and miles (30+) of running trails, bike paths, parks, and par courses!


I NEVER thought I would ever say this, but even with all the great things about Rancho, I still miss LA. 1 hr away is sometimes just too far for the beach, the greatest food, and awesome friends.


Julie said...

LA misses you guys too!!

Matt and Karyna Bouslog said...

RC looks really nice I hope we can visit at some point