Sunday, April 25, 2010

LA Book Fair 2010 (The Legend of Bernadette Peters)

Earlier this week April and I had the following conversation:

Steve: (Silently reading the LA Times spread on the upcoming book fair)

April: "Any big names at the book fair this year?"

Me: "Um-let's see... Buzz Aldrin is going to be there, and it looks like Bernadette Peters, and-um-also..."

April: "Bernadette Peters!? She's a Legend!"

I'm sorry Mr. Aldrin, but apparently piloting the Lunar Module during the first manned lunar landing in history and then WALKING ON THE MOON does not qualify you as a legend.
Unfortunately we missed Buzz at the fair, however, we did see Bernadette Peters as well as a guy who was signing books as Bill Peet but who wasn't actually Bill Peet. We also heard Peter sans Paul and Mary perform Puff the Magic Dragon and April ran into Amber Tamblyn, who could not get enough of William.

The LA Festival of Books is the world's largest book fair and is an official Garff Family tradition. This year we saw the sights with our good friends The Reynolds and the Titeras.
Later we enjoyed burgers at the Apple Pan, one of our favorite LA haunts.


Brian and Jen Maucotel said...

We're jealous that you guys were able to go to the book fair, why do they have to do it right in the middle of finals? haha

Karen said...

This is a stupid question, but who is Amber Tamblyn? I knew of a Mormon actor named Russ Tamblyn that was also a gymnast and in the movie "West Side Story."

April Celeste Garff said...

Russ Tamblyn is Amber's dad. Amber was in The Ring and Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.

bri&mike said...

So, we figured out the Bill Peet thing. The guy signing autographs was Bill Peet's son, also named Bill Peet.

SGarff said...

Just to clear things up, no disrespect to Bernadette Peters; she is a legend in her own right. It's just that Buzz Aldrin is the definition of a legend.

@ Brian: You're not supposed to be studying. You're a 3L!

@ Bri and Mike: It all makes so much sense now.

Julie said...

OHHHHH. I was SO confused about Bill Peete. I now can sleep at night. Thank you Bri.

So much fun with you guys. Come again!

Julie said...

AND I misspelled Bill Peet.