Thursday, April 22, 2010

Post Baby Marathon Madness

Liam and I went up to Salt Lake City for almost a week so I could run the SLC Marathon. Training for the marathon was good motivation to get back into shape (though I can't really say that I'm back in shape...yet). We chose this marathon because of the proximity to babysitters (thanks Karen, Mom, and the Irwins!).

Liam loved looking out the window, but unfortunately for everyone who sat next to us, he did not enjoy the plane ride experience. Luckily for us, we sat next to nice grandmas who understood.

It was nice to see family and friends again. Since the Irwins couldn't get back home to the UK due to the airport closures, I got extra time with them! Though we missed Steve (who had to work) we got to do (almost) everything and see everyone we wanted to. This included Stacy's baby shower, my cute new nephew Daniel, the teacher I student taught for, and of course lots of family time.

My brother-in-law, Mike, and I ran the first few miles together and split up where the 1/2 splits from the marathon course since Mike was running the half marathon. I felt good until about mile 16 or so, when I started to slow down and wear out. After mile 20, it was slow going. I was chugging along at a snail-like pace of 9:00-9:30 per mile. This is compared to the 7:00-8:00 minute miles I used to do pre-pregnancy.

Thanks, Leslie for snapping this great picture during the race! Leslie is a tough triathlete who was nice enough to bike along to cheer me on for a bit during the late teen miles. I was tired and it gave me some motivation to keep going.

I finished in 4:01, which was right about target (I was planning a 4 hour race). Overall, I'm glad I did it, but might give myself more time to train post-baby than 4 months so I could do a better job next baby. I started running again yesterday, and felt pretty good. I want to try to do a few more races this summer to get back into racing shape. Got to get that PR in St. George this fall!

Though it was nice to get away, it's always nice to come back home to a sweet husband who shows up with flowers.


betsey said...

Go April! You are so inspiring!

Valerie and Mercado Family said...

You look good!

The Burnetts said...

You're amazing! What an accomplishment - 4 months took me a good year before I could walk around the block quickly :)