Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A three Hour Trip?

I promise that’s the only Gilligan’s Island pun that I’ll use. So Dawn ”Mary Anne” Wells got busted with marijuana on the way home from a party in Teton Valley Idaho. She was reportedly observed swerving before she was pulled over. I recommend ingesting that statement with a medium to large grain of salt. Cops in Teton County look for any excuse to pull you over. One time my brother and I got pulled over just outside of Driggs for passing an undercover officer at five over the limit. We experienced a pretty good harassing my two favorite parts of the experience were when they asked me for my identification even though I was a passenger and when after learning that we worked as counselors at a local boy’s ranch one officer asked us if we counseled the boys to obey the law (Hilllllarious!). In the not too far distant past (the 90’s) it was different. Partly because it was more like the very distant past, the cops were cool and more reminiscent of Old West lawmen and even led by a real one-eyed sheriff.
But most shocking of all; I had no idea that they even had those kind of parties in Teton Valley. Dawn certainly never invited me to any ( though we weren’t exactly chums but I did do some work on her house as well as for “Spud Fest” the independent film festival that she heads up http://www.idahofilminstitute.org/spudfest/home.html). I miss my summers in Teton Valley working on The Bennion Boy’s Ranch and with the good people of Victor and Driggs.

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