Friday, March 7, 2008

Can I Park Here?

I would really like to have a Urim and Thummim mostly so I can decode the parking signs here in L.A. I’m a law student so I would like to think that I’m able to interpret the complex phraseology and technical constructions that lawyers love so much. But these signs have me stumped. And it’s not as if I’m back in Salt Lake where I could park illegally with virtual impunity (except at the U of course). Here if you are parked improperly, “illegal” is so pejorative, for more than 2 minutes you will be caught. And you get no sympathy from the meter maids. Not that I blame them they run into a hundred people like me every day with some desperate sob story or well crafted excuse. That’s why what happened to me is so incredible. April, Katie, and I were at the beach in Santa Monica. We were about 30 seconds late getting back to the meter and so as Murphy’s Law would have it the parking guy was writing up a ticket at that very moment. And guess what, when I told him I must have just missed the expriation he said “don’t worry about it.” I still can’t believe it! I have polled my friends and no one has ever had that happen to them before. In L.A. parking fines are just something you come to expect like traffic, good weather, and smog.

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