Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Preschool X 2

Seriously, how cute are these two? They have been SO excited to start preschool.  I opted out of traditional preschool when I realized how much money it was going to be (X2!!!).  All I would be doing when they were gone was probably just cleaning and/or hanging out with Jane.  Which is fun and all, but I have a teaching degree.  We decided it would be better to pay someone to clean (after we pay off the van) and I would just do a homeschool preschool.  It has been so easy and fun. 
We are doing a letter of the week preschool. We've currently covered A is for Apples, B is for Bug, C is for Cookie, D is for Dinosaur. We usually do preschool 3-5 days/week for about an hour. We read books, talk about our letter/subject of the week, practice writing and cutting, sorting and patterns, counting, and sometimes even a craft.  

I even got smart and laminated everything so it's easy to re-use for both Caleb and Lily, but William sometimes does some worksheets during naptime. I will probably even use them for Jane. It's been a good project so far. 
I've slacked off a little the last few weeks because I caught a stomach bug AND a sinus infection, but am now on the mend.  I'm excited for the next few weeks for Halloween and Farm activities.  

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Karen said...

the twins have the best teacher.