Tuesday, September 1, 2015


William is in Kindergarten! He started half-day morning Kindergarten last week and so far, loves it! It makes the mornings a little more chaotic, but let's be honest, they couldn't get much crazier. And Jane usually naps for 2 hours at that time so it gives me a chance to focus on the twins.
 I've been running at 5:30 or 6 to get back in time to feed Jane and get everyone ready for school. William lucked out and has his BFFs, Max and Charlie, in his class with him. He also has several neighbors and friends from preschool in his class, which is super fun. We walk to school every morning with Max, and They walk home together with Max's mom. It's been a great system so far and I'm loving the extra calorie burn due to the daily walk. Plus, those boys can't get enough of each other.
But my favorite part so far is his teacher! A friend fromy teaching cohort up at the U, Sheila, happens to teach Kindergarten at our school and we lucked out to have her for a teacher! William so far is a big fan. And I'm a big fan, too. Mrs. Jorgensen is a FANTASTIC teacher.
William quote of the week: they were playing a game where each child says a food that starts with the same sound as their name. William choose "Wootbeer"! He's had some speech issues and we've gotten him tested (looks like he's ok for now), but it luckily makes for some great stories.

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Dagny said...

James has very similar speech issues (he has a hard time with R and L). That made me really smile!!