Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Jane: 4 months

While the boys were gone, I dropped Jane's 4th nap. She does well with longer wake times and would wake early from naps and play, so I figured it was time. Now, we usually get two 2-hr naps and a shorter nap of 30-90 minutes. Life is happier for everyone!
Night sleep has been a little more sporadic. Occasionally, we get an 11-12 hr stretch, but more often, it's been a 5-8 hr stretch, and maybe a 3-4 hr stretch after that. Jane isn't putting on a ton of weight (she's just a shade over 12 lbs), which is normal for my babies, but it means I should still probably feed her at night, no matter how tired I am (I'm very tired). 

Jane rolls over! She is also trying hard to figure out back-to-front rolls, but that still eludes her at this point. Jane is getting better at reaching and grabbing, though she can't hold items for long, and she still can't make her hands do what she wants all the time. She is very frustrated by this.

I'm not sure why, but for my babies 4 months has always been a turning point. They are more social, sleeping better, and life feels a lot easier all around as we are now feeling adjusted. Jane
has been no exception...though in many ways she is my easiest baby, she is also my most difficult in others.

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Karen said...

Jane is sooo cute.