Monday, January 28, 2013

Steven's Birthday

We celebrated Steven's 32 (!!!) birthday all last week.

Saturday, Steve got to go skiing with his dad, even though the day was already booked with preparations for freezer cooking day, dog grooming, and a Relief Society activity. Sunday, we had a birthday dinner with his immediate family and a marzipan cheesecake made by yours truly. It was fantastic.

On his actual birthday, I sent Steve off with lunch and chocolates for dessert. For dinner, I made homemade naan with Korma Curry and basmati rice. It was delicious, but resulted in a lot of babies (though William was doing his best to entertain them) crying for my attention as I cooked.

Thursday, Steve's parents watched the munchkins and we headed out to Brasa Grill for Brazilian Food. Also delicious...and way overdue. I need to learn to make Brazilian food.

He didn't get much in the way of presents due to the cost of his new guitar (which is against my principles to do Christmas/Birthday presents, but he wanted that new Fender Stratocaster so badly) , but I did get him a new book and a down pillow and he got a new Joseph Smith book from his parents, and nice gifts from his siblings.

All in all, I'd say Steve lucked out with multiple yummy birthday celebrations...hopefully next year he may even get to take the day off of work.

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