Monday, January 14, 2013

Double the Pleasure, Double the Fun

The babies are 9 months old and I’m finally feeling like I got this down. I can pick up and carry two heavy infants like a pro.
Both of us can wrangle three youngsters and make it look easy.
We’re starting to see a lot of the benefits of an insanely rough pregnancy and infancy.
Such as their pure love and admiration of each other
twin love
And keeping each other entertained.
But my favorite part is having double the smiles and double the sweet babies to love and be loved by.
and losing the downsides (like being awakened ALL. NIGHT. LONG). 
Or having to feed them myself for every meal.
It truly has become the 2-for-1 deal we hoped it would be.
As long as we don’t go anywhere, lol.  Bundling up 3 littles and/or putting them in car seats is still a lot of work. 
I still can’t believe we’ve almost made it a full year already. Each month brings so many changes.

At 8 months, for example, we started finger foods, diagnosed Caleb with Eczema (and possibly Lily too), and both babies started to get around the room by rolling everywhere.
And now at 9 months, we’ve got these guys eating like pros and growing like weeds.  I love seeing their personalities and differences shine through in all the little things.

Baby Caleb, for example, at 19 lbs. is now a whopping 2 POUNDS heavier than Lily!  Our little 5.10 lbs. guy is now a little linebacker.  They are the same length, and Caleb has a slightly bigger head, but his denseness and thick little body continues to surprise me.  I LOVE it.  After a couple of skinnier babies, a chunky one is a nice change of pace. Caleb is a lover.  He loves to snuggle, loves to smile at everyone, and LOVES to eat (though has had a harder time getting it into his mouth). Caleb was, surprisingly, the first one to realize that rolling multiple times can get you somewhere.  We love watching him struggle to roll over that round belly of his.


He is just as delicious as a baby can be.  Still no teeth, and more hair than our William at age 2.  We especially love his cowlick since it means we don’t really worry about styling his hair. We love the happiness and joy he brings to our life, though we could do without his tendency to have a hot and cold personality.  I prefer his warm side. :)

Our sweet little Lily is a joy.  She’s definitely a girl, always a fan of jewelry and shoes. She’s a little shy, and not a fan of anyone besides her immediate family for the most part.  Though occasionally a stranger or grandparent or uncle can win her over. She seems very bright, like she’s always trying to figure things out (like crawling…Lily is on the verge but hasn’t quite figured out the movement part). Lily is great at entertaining herself and loves to jabber.  Her favorite sounds are bababa, mamama, dadadada, and lalala, among many others that I’m not sure how to pronounce or spell. She has two little teeth on the bottom and is a very clean eater. She also likes to bite…I’m not a fan since we’re still nursing.  Her fuzzy thin hair is about 1.5 inches long and sticks straight up so we often flatten it with a headband.


I love what each of them bring to our family and am excited to watch them continue to grow and learn. And I’m glad to say that I couldn’t really pick a favorite.

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