Monday, December 10, 2012

Under Construction

We threw a birthday party for William on Saturday and invited 50 of our closest friends and family members. It was a great excuse for food, and fun; and gave people a chance to see our new place. A few people were thrown off by the decorations and actually wondered what kind of work we were having done on the place.

Special thanks to Papa Bill for letting us borrow some of his office supplies to decorate for the party.

William LOVED all the crazy chaos and excitement (and food) that comes with such an event.

Pretty much all of William’s favorite people were there: his favorite aunts and uncles and cousins (minus Charlotte and Daniel and my older sisters’ families), all his grandparents, and his friends Stella, Cousin Daniel, and Kambree.

The kids had wheelbarrow races, built towers with toothpicks and marshmallows, and played a forklift game where they raced to pick up cottonballs with only a plastic fork.

We had food in little tool bins with great labels like drywall and spackle (pitas and hummus), nails (pretzel sticks), and boulders (meatballs).

But the favorite had to be the mud cake.

It was a fantastic chocolate buttermilk cake that I made for Catherine’s birthday and may now be the current Garff favorite. It was fantastic and theoretically (if anyone ever let it happen) would stay moist for days.

We covered it with chocolate fudge frosting mud, and oreo crumb dirt.  But Silly Billy’s highlight was all the trucks on top!

The cake was a huge hit with all the kids (and adults, too, lol).  I made 2, and we only were left with a few small pieces. We decided to wait on getting our new carpet until after the party.  By the looks of things, that was a wise decision.

And of course, no party is complete without hats.

William insisted that Daddy and Papa leave their hats on the entire time.

And now our Silly Billy won’t take his off.  It might even outrank Farmer Hat (for now).

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