Friday, December 21, 2012

Who Wore it Best? Holiday Edition

The World According to Garff brings you a special holiday edition of “Who Wore it Best”.

+4 Christmases ago, we had a newborn baby.  My sister, Sherrie, gave us a newborn-sized Santa suit and we naturally paraded our 3-week-old to holiday festivities as a miniature St. Nick.

santa babysanta

William, darling as ever, but especially as a newborn, is drowning in an outfit that is much too big.  But that sweet baby face is as sweet as can be in this festive attire.

baby william

A year later, when we pulled out our Christmas decorations, we thought we’d try it on again.  Our now one-year-old had a head much too big for the hat (surprise), the pants wouldn’t go over his thighs, but we were able to still button the coat (but barely).


This year, we thought we’d try it on the twins, just for fun.

Caleb and his belly put a new twist on the phrase, “bowl full of jelly”.  But since he and Santa are of similar proportions, he really gets the Santa look down.

Caleb BellyBall Playhappy santajelly belly

And our sweetheart, looking darling as ever, opted for a red and white ribbon bow instead of the traditional stocking cap to enhance her natural feminine beauty.  The fit is a little better on our petite princess, with the exception of her long limbs.

lily SantaLily

So now that you’ve seen the pictures, who do you think wore it best?  Results will be displayed on Christmas Eve.

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