Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Caleb Man

Since birth, our Cal has earned the nickname Caleb Man. He started out much like a little old man (he had the most ridiculous receding hairline for ages!) and seemed to get a little grumpy if left alone.

We sing a little song to Caleb and have been having fun adding new verses. It goes to the tune of "The Muffin Man".

The Caleb Man, the Caleb Man
The Caleb Man, the Caleb Man
The Caleb Man, the Caleb Man
He is a real small size.

The Caleb Man, the Caleb Man
The Caleb Man, the Caleb Man
The Caleb Man, the Caleb Man
He is one of our favorite guys.

We've been having great fun coming up with new and exciting verses. Some our favorites include:

He lives on Glenmare street...he likes to kick his feet. (Or really likes to eat, lol).

He likes to just sit...please don't throw a fit.

He likes to eat his food..cuz it is really good.

He has a happy face...he jumps around this place.

He lives around the bend...he is our real good friend.

We just love our roly poly Caleb Man. He is happy and lovable and cuddly and cute. Though he does get fussy if he doesn't get enough attention, he is generally a good baby. Goes to bed within 5 minutes of putting him down and usually sleeps through the night. And thank goodness all he wants to do is sit and play or kick or jump in his jumperoo---I could not handle mobile babies just yet.

And boy, does he love to eat. Considering he took weeks to get a good latch and was always under the 5th percentile, this has been a great blessing. he went from my skinny little man, to a guy with thighs bigger than my biceps. Especially since he discovered solids he has been ever increasing in size and girth---and I LOVE it. At over 17 lbs, he is well over a pound heavier than his little sister, and finally pushing 25%.

We are so happy to have Caleb in our family!

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