Monday, October 29, 2012

Current Events and Family Fun

We’ve had a VERY eventful week.  Not only did we HAVE to hit up the SLC Library book sale (and go home with 50 books), but my younger brother, John, came home from his mission in Costa Rica. We had quite the party at the airport.

Airport John

Silly Billy could not have been more excited.  All day long he kept talking about how we would see John and he would give him a hug.

Farmer Billy

The next few days were filled with Halloween parties galore.  With a baby duck and Lily Lamb, we made the perfect Farmer Family.

Farmer Family

We also got both cute boys to snuggle in their puppy pjs. 

Puppy Pals

One day, I hope we can finally get them to like each other.  Hopefully sooner, rather than later. At this point, we’ll take what we can get (in this case, just posing for a picture was a bonus).

Sunday was my brother’s homecoming.  It was something we couldn’t really miss, so we packed up half the house and our sick twins and went anyway.  It was a blast to see everyone again since we don’t get out very often due to our current one-car and infant twin situation.

After, we went with my brother Phil and his family to walk around Gardner Village.  Liam LOVED all the spiders and pumpkins. We took the opportunity to get a family photo.  It was since discovered that it is IMPOSSIBLE to get a picture with all 3 kids looking decent, so our best one has Lily eating her dress and is missing half of William.

Gardner Village

Today, we went with Grandma Karen, and Catherine and her children to Wheeler Farm.

Wheeler Farm Fun

This made Farmer Billy’s Day.


This has got to be his favorite place.  Big green tractors, running around a corn maze, animals, farmers, and pumpkins.  What more could a 3-year-old want?

TractorBig Green Tractor

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