Monday, May 14, 2012

Multiple Personalities

Can you believe the babies are 6 weeks old already???

1 month

As a now mom of 3, I have come to realize just how different all my babies have been, and also how very similar they are as well. But mostly different.

All 3 of my babies have been long and skinny. With big feet and long, skinny legs.

Lily feet

kissyAnd they all have big beautiful blue eyes. Lucky them…and their future spouses.Lily and Mommy_DSC0699


And they were all born with brown hair. But that is where the similarities end. Caleb and Lily won  the jackpot on that end, seeing as how Liam was totally bald by 3 months. The twins actually have enough to brush and even part. We’re hoping the hair doesn’t leave when the cradle cap does.

Head Shot

And sometimes even enough for a bad hair day. In fact, I often think of Caleb as my little celebrity.  He has hair like Christopher Lloyd and an angry face that reminds me of Jack Nicholson.

Very Angry Caleb

And Cal is much more photogenic. We got newborn pix for the twins, and nearly all the good ones were of him.  The pictures were taken by a friend from middle/high school, Erin. She even put my cute photogenic kids up at her blog/website. (mostly cute William). If you need pictures in the Northern Utah area, check her out at

Caleb has only three states of being:


1 month old twins


Caleb scrunch face_DSC0039

And Angry.

Angry face

I have to admit, I kinda like Angry Caleb. Even if he is a beast when he’s angry.

90% of the time, he will put himself to sleep without help. the other 10%, he will scream for an hour.

And Caleb unfortunately, is not one for binkies or bottles.  Though we have been able to force them on occasion…like when I really need to sleep. But Steven says he usually cries the whole time. Instead of take a bottle, he’s started to sleep 5-6 hours at a stretch to bypass the bottle feeding and hold out for mom.

But occasionally, he’ll go for his little sister instead. Eating LilyWho hopefully won’t be so little to him anymore.  At our appointment last week, Lily was 8 lbs, and Caleb was catching up at 7 lbs, 12 oz.

Lily on the other hand, LOVES her binky, but can’t keep it in her mouth all the time.  This has led to her being a bit more of a problem sleeper and a whole lot fussier. And when you changer her diaper instead of feeding her like she wanted, she’ll really let you have it! This leads to a lot of time where I have to hand her off to her dad and have a break. Luckily, she’s quite the Daddy’s Girl. Steven is in love with another pretty girl. But then again, I can’t really blame him._DSC0361

But she is much more fun to dress up.

I bought a bunch of newborn clothes from a friend in Rancho, and Lily is just now rotating through them a second time. I’m glad she was small enough to get some use out of them.

I’m loving all the pink, purple and bows.


And when she does fall asleep, she is as pretty as a picture.

Neither of the twins like to nurse nearly as much as Liam did.  He would go for 30-45 minutes as a newborn, whereas these 2 are both usually done in about 10 minutes. I’m a big fan of 10-minute nursing sessions, especially considering it seems like that’s all I do anymore. Eat, change, sleep; repeat.

Of all my kids, William is by far the silliest.

Cheesy face William

I love how this picture is totally his personality.  Makes me laugh.

We’re still waiting on twin smiles and giggles.  I’m hoping they come soon.  It’s been a long six weeks. Steve made a comment the other day how at this point, the babies are only good for looking cute._DSC0552-1

I disagree.  I think they are also very good at robbing us of time.  And sleep. It’s a VERY good thing that they’re cute.

Silly Billy is also the sweetest. He’s always giving hugs and kisses. And he LOVES to point out that the babies aren’t always wearing pants.

Big brother kiss

Excuse the mess.  We spend all day taking care of 3 needy (but wonderful) children.  In fact, we go through about 450 diapers a month between the three of them. Mostly the babies, since Liam only really needs a diaper at night.  I’m lucky we had over 1000 purchased before the twins arrived…our supply is dwindling (though the closet is still full of diapers and wipes. For now.).

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