Monday, May 21, 2012

Double Blessings

We blessed Caleb and Lily yesterday.  It was their first day going to church  Surprisingly, all three kids made it through the blessing without a peep---and the twins and I even hit up a homecoming for a friend in the morning.   We count that as a BIG success.

I thought it might be complicated to do a baby switch for Lily’s blessing, but it was surprisingly painless (and quiet, yay!).

Lily was blessed in the same blessing gown as Papa Garff. Caleb borrowed an outfit from cousin Daniel. Grandma Garff made matching blessing blankets.

Twin blessing gowns

We had quite the party afterwards.  Probably around 40-50 people, mostly family and a few friends that are practically family.  Unfortunately, half of my brothers were unable to make it due to back surgery (Phil), military training (Dan), and a mission (John), so the Kemps were severely unrepresented. Lots of good food and good fun. We even got the triplets together.  Here they are being held by my 3 favorite “K” friends: Karalee, Kristi, and Katie.


Lina and Lily being held by Lina’s parents, Kristi and Jordan. I can’t believe the twins are catching up to her in size already!!!Lina and LilyIt ended up being a great day…except for the fact that I ate way too much food and now have to run it off.

And we even remembered to get a picture with all our parents.

Grandparents and twins

In non-twin related life (which moments are few and far between, I assure you), the Garffs have been having weather-related fun.  During a rainstorm last week, William and I had a boat race.


I won.

Boat race

We also got a pretty neat picture of the eclipse.  We poked a hole in a piece of thick paper, and let the shadow of the eclipse shine through onto a white sheet of paper.  It was a fun science lesson. Eclipse

That’s 2 more items off our summer fun list.  We hope there will many more to come.

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thailiz said...

You sound like you're adjusting so well! Your babies are gorgeous. So sad we didn't get together while we were there, but next time we'll get it done! Keep up the great mothering!