Tuesday, April 24, 2012

All the Days are the Same

It’s been just over 3 weeks since Caleb and Lily have officially joined our family and we’ve been fortunate to find that it wasn’t as horrible as we had been expecting (mind you, we had pretty low expectations;  and if you ask me at 3 am after 3 night feedings, I may have VERY different opinions on the subject).

2 cute babies and their momma


Can you believe we just passed their due date this weekend?

3 weeks old

due date 3 weeks old

Time flies when you’re having fun.

due date

William is especially fond of his siblings, always trying to hug or kiss them, turning the music on their chairs and bassinets and give them “bobbies” (pacifiers) when they cry. Other than William’s new fondness for throwing toys and tantrums, it’s been a pretty smooth transition (considering we added TWO babies to the mix).

William and the babies

There’s been a lot going on with spring birthdays and celebrations.

We had a fabulous Easter. Silly Billy got to go to 2 Easter Egg hunts with cousin Daniel and loved opening the eggs to find out what was inside.  He was a big fan.

Easter Egg Hunt

We had a pretty awesome surprise in our Easter Baskets as well.EasterEaster Baskets

One thing we’ve found is that all the days are kind of the same: Feed and change 2 babies, do something for William, rock/nap 2 babies, attempt to get something productive done; repeat.

We wake up and all 5 of us snuggle until we get the energy to get out of bed and get breakfast. This usually involved a baby feeding, cartoons for William, and LOTS of effort on our part to not go back to sleep.

Arms Full

It’s not easy.

Baby Cuddles

As a side note, I we decided Lily looks like a mixture of me and William as a baby.  Caleb, I think looks a little like my brothers Arthur and Albert as infants.Bouncy seat

After breakfast and BABY NAP #1, we exercise.

Tummy time

Baby Caleb

Sometimes Liam and I even go on a walk or a bike ride (since running is still a bit much at this point, ha ha ha).

Duck Park

William usually gets a fun outing with Mom and/or Grandma Garff. There have been outings to the park and library, visits from cousin Daniel, and even an excursions to Costco (Billy’s favorite store) and to This is the Place State Park to see the baby animals.


Pony Ride

Sometimes, William gets lucky enough to get to play with Dad.


Hiking with Dad

After lunch, we ALL take naps while Steven works (and takes pictures of 2 cute sleepy babies). 

sleepy babies



snuggle face

After naps, we run errands, do chores, and entertain visitors.

Lawn Mower


The twins get lots of visitors.  Here they are with my friend Katie’s son, Jared.

visit with Jared

Below, pictured with their “triplet” friend, Madeline.  Lina is only 13 days older than they are, so we figure it will be fun to see them grow up together. Caleb and Lily were sad to see her go.

visit with Lina

Silly Billy and I built his first house the afternoon our double stroller arrived.


It was a hit (the stroller was, too. Thanks, Grandma Garff!).

William and Daniel play “House”

After dinner, it’s time to play with Papa.

Biking with Papa

And Papa’s Truck.

Papa's Truck

Steve took the opportunity one evening to go meet Ken Jennings.

Ken Jennings

Then we all get ready for bed. (In case you were wondering, Lily fits in preemie jammies and Caleb is drowning in his size NB ones.  We make such skinny babies, lol).

Bedtime with Grandma

To start the same thing all over again the next day.

rocking chair

It’s been a fun 3 weeks, though we’re really looking forward to this weekend when we are finally going to introduce a bottle to the babies and finally get some sleep.

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