Sunday, April 1, 2012

Before Baby To-Do List---Complete

I got everything I really wanted to do on my pre-twins to-do list.

Each baby got their own custom sling made by me, all the necessary baby items were purchased and organized, and then we had time for some fun outings.  Liam and I rode Trax to take his friend Kambree on a date to Temple Square to see the museum exhibits.  Date with KambreeMirror, Mirror



Kambree and Jesus

It was super fun for them, but a lot less fun for me, since that much walking was too taxing on a very pregnant mom.

We got the dogs all groomed and after picking them up, made a stop at Sugarhouse Park to feed the ducks.  This was totally a bribe to get my son to take a nap…it worked.

Ducks at Sugarhouse

We also went with cousin Daniel to visit Papa at work…he is letting a woman keep 2 Shetland Ponies on the empty lot next to the office and we thought it would be fun for the boys…they had more fun with the rocks and sticks.

Papa's workVisiting Papa's work

I joked that since I got all the major things done, I would go into labor the next day…just like it happened with William.  I had no idea I was right.


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