Monday, March 26, 2012

36 Weeks and Still Counting…but Barely

I finally got off bed rest last Monday at 35 weeks. My doctor figured I didn’t have much time left so I may as well enjoy it.   And enjoy it we did.
We visited my friend Kristi and her new baby Lina in the hospital (luckily our Silly Billy handled it pretty well),
Baby Lina
Had playdates with his friend Kambree (below) and cousin Abby (not pictured),
Liam and Kambree
Improved William’s biking skills,
Bike Ride
Gave William a makeover,
William's Makeover
Jam Face
Spent a morning at the new City Creek Mall, prepped for babies, and Steven and I also had one last date (for awhile, at least) of Hunger Games and Cheesecake Factory.
I’m glad we did.  It’s looking like these babies will be here within the week (I know, I kinda sound like a broken record). I only have a few shirts left that actually fit, so I guess that’s probably a good thing. I went to the doctor today and was dilated 5-6 cm with Baby Boy so low that I practically got a yelp of surprise during the check up from the doctor.  I almost was requred to walk around the hospital for an hour or 2 to make sure it wasn’t actual labor, but since I still wasn’t even feeling contractions, I was allowed to go home and eat dinner.  Yay! But stay tuned to the Garff blog…I get induced April 9th at the latest.
And for your viewing pleasure…the ever growing baby belly.
35 weeks:
35 weeks (2)
36 weeks:
36 weeks (2)
And today, 36 weeks, 2 days. After getting my membranes stripped today, we’re thinking this is likely the last one.
36.2 weeks
I’ve officially put on 40 lbs. and have a 44-inch belly. Just about right for 2 good-sized babies.


Jen said...

wow your belly is huge, but you look great!!

LittleHouseofVeggies said...
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LittleHouseofVeggies said...

You don't even look like your having twins! I can't believe its about time for them to arrive! I know what my discomfort level is at with 8 weeks to go and only one, so I can only imagine how excited you are going to be to have some sapce in your body back! I am so shocked that the babies have held out in their for as long as they have!! Amazing...Good luck April! Hope the delivery goes super smooth!

Karina said...

Wow bood luck! I am so glad you have made it this far! Can't wait to see what those cute babies look like!! xoxo