Saturday, March 10, 2012

Silly Billyness: First Haircut

It took 2 years and 4 months but we FINALLY cut William’s hair.  It’s a good thing, too.  William had started get get embarrassed by how long it was getting. Especially the little curly rat tail in the back


He hated that when we washed it, he would get water in his eyes, and had quite the comb-over to cover a few bald spots on the sides. It was starting to get unmanageable.Side viewOur little William was such a good sport (watching Sesame Street and the promise of a cookie will do that to a kid). 

We all enjoyed watching.  Especially cousin Daniel.

Catherine Cut’s William’s Hair

Special thanks to Aunt Catherine for the trim!

William's haircut and the barberWe think our little boy looks so handsome, though I do miss the bit of curl we were hoping would continue.  But it didn’t, so we gave up on the surfer look and went for something more practical. What a big boy!

All done!

In other news, I have finally made it to 34 weeks.  Still on bedrest, but at least the babes are still cooking.  We’re hoping to go another month.  We’ve been lucky enough to have a few days of nicer weather and I got to do bedrest like this:

THIS is bedrest

Now THIS is what I call bedrest. 

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