Thursday, August 18, 2011

Silly Billyness: Hoover

I swear, this kid has crazy obsessions.  If William isn’t asking for a banana 4 times a day, he’s asking for me to vacuum. It got to be so much, that we finally gave in and got him a toy vacuum of his own a few months ago. He played with it constantly for several weeks, and “vacuum” (I can’t even begin to describe how he pronounces it, the sounds aren’t actually in our language, lol) was usually his first word of the morning (though, luckily now, he’s moved onto Momma or Dadda).

Like Mother, like son.

A belt broke on our vacuum, so until the new one came in the mail, I got out our tiny one that we keep as a spare. Liam would have none of that.  He knew that wasn’t his vacuum.

Though oddly enough, whenever we go to someone’s home, Silly Billy can ALWAYS find the vacuum.  Sometimes he’s even lucky enough for the vacuum to be out of the closet. He even remembered where the Reynolds’ keep there vacuum, even though it had been a month since he’d been there. Our trip to Grandma Karen’s house in SLC proved to be heaven---not only were there several vacuums Liam found, but also a steam cleaner and dust buster (William was obviously aware of their relation).


Seriously, we vacuum several times a day, mostly just to appease this kid, though it does have the added side benefit of picking up dirt and dog hair.

Sunday, William found an ad in the paper for our vacuum, and couldn’t believe his good luck! He carried that paper around for what seemed like hours. You can see it at his feet while he is “fixing” our vacuum hose.

Fixing the vacuum

Our Silly Billy has even started mimicking the vacuum sound. If you listen closely at the beginning, you can hear his “word” for his favorite toy.

Silly Billy and his vacuum obsession

We thought he’d grow out of it, but over 6 months later, the vacuum obsession is still growing stronger than ever. I suppose it could be worse---he could prefer to run around naked or bring bugs into the house like other almost-two-year-olds I’ve known.

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Julie said...

That is hilarious. Hopefully it sticks and you have a vacuum-er for life!