Sunday, August 21, 2011

The LA Zoo, Elliott Smith, and time travel


We spent Saturday at the LA Zoo. William was happy to see Reggie the famous "LAgator."


But of all the animals in the whole zoo: tigers, giraffes, bears, monkeys,etc.,William’s favorite animal (by far) was the monitor lizard.



It’s true. He waived to it, talked to it, and didn't want to leave. He also liked the goat.


Unfortunately, the goat didn't like him. This next shot was taken just as the goat decided to head-butt William.


William took it in stride, but kept his distance form the goats from there on out.



After the zoo we swung back home through Silver Lake for a couple of pilgrimages.

First stop, the mural on the cover of “Figure 8” by the late Elliott Smith.IMGP1877

Fans repainted it a few weeks ago in order to clean up the graffiti for his birthday. They even added a stencil of Smith's visage.IMGP1879

Second stop, the Echo Park Time Travel Mart. IMGP1882

As far as I know this is the only time travel supply shop this side of the spacetime continuum.


The sign reads, “Whenever you are, we’re already then.”


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Judy said...

Cute photos! Fun at the zoo. My eccentric cousin lived in Echo Park for years. I've been there. It's a multi-ethnic, artsy and I thought a bit dangerous neighborhood. She lived in an apartment behind a grand Victorian house. I've never heard of the Time Travel market - lol.