Friday, July 22, 2011

Beach Bums

The absolute best thing about living in SoCal is the beach. That alone, (and of course, Disneyland and “winter”) make SoCal livable.

Beach Billy (2)

I miss having a beach only 4-5 miles from home.  45 miles just isn’t quite the same.

beach BillyEven if we spend the whole time in the sand or chasing the birds, every moment is sweet, magical bliss with a magnificent soundtrack of waves and gulls and laughter.The Birds

We’ve had to resort to coordinating playgroups at the beach, which conveniently give us the opportunity to visit UCLA friends. This week, we were lucky enough to see Karyna and Macy Bouslog and the Hodges (not pictured). It’s always fun to see these two together, since they are only 6 days apart.


Though we will be leaving for our yearly UT/Cabin trip later today, so hopefully we’ll get to have some more beach time at Hebgen Lake after the BAR. Not sure if I can wait that long, but I guess I’ll have to try.

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