Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Silly Billyness: “High Five”

Silly Billy is OBSESSED with dogs.  He sleeps with a little stuffed dog and dog blanket, carries around 2 stuffed Dalmatians all over the house, points out pictures of dogs, and barks whenever he hears or sees a dog.   William loves to show pictures of dogs (especially pictures of our dogs) to Kiki, and share his toy dogs with them. It’s really quite amusing and I love that he’s like me in that way (What I don’t like, however, is when he decides to share his food with the dogs by throwing it from his high chair).


Liam recently learned how to give “Hi Fa”s (his words, not mine), and when he saw me telling the dogs to give High Fives, couldn’t be left out. It’s often the first thing he does when he sees the dogs after he’s been sleeping or out of the house.

Enjoy the videos.

High Five
High Five, Nike