Friday, July 8, 2011

Silly Billyness: Animal Sounds

Periodically while getting dressed, Liam and I will review body parts. He knows all the ones you would expect: eyes, ears, hair, head, teeth, tongue, hand, belly, toes. But the newest one surprised me: Knee (or his word "nnni"). Threw me for a loop since it isn't one we hardly ever talk about---didn't expect that one for at least another 6 months or so.

He is learning to communicate a couple words per day it seems like and always surprises me by what he understands (like the sound a bunny makes "sniff, sniff, sniff" or a what a fan does "blow").  He’s constantly trying to say new words, though usually they come out pretty mumbled, “b-ba” for basketball, “appada” means applesauce, “huh-ma” for help me, and “mk” for milk. It’s a good thing I’m around him a lot---most people would have no idea what he’s saying.

His personality is so funny to watch---he is constantly pointing out animals, making animal sounds, reading animal books, and pretending to be one. It never fails to make me laugh. His current favorites are:

Monkey: “ooh, ooh, ooh”

Dog: “Ba(rk), Ba, Ba”

Cat: “mmmow (as is “ow”, that hurt)

Bunny: “sniffing sound”

Cow: “mmmm”

Every once and awhile we’ll get a whinny or cheep from him, too.

In honor of Cow Appreciation Day, we dressed up as his favorite bovines and went to Chic-Fil-A to celebrate with free meals.  Baby Calf


When I put on my headband and told him I was a cow, Liam barked, and then proceeded to make his bunny noise. I think my costume must not have been very good.

Cow and Calf

We were going to go with our friends Cammie and her son Logan, but we had already left the house when she called to tell me that Logan was ready for a nap.

The time and embarrassment of going by ourselves was totally worth it.  Not only for the food (we paid a total of 3.44 for a kids meal, adult meal, and two shakes for tonight’s dessert), but Liam loved everything about the place.

Fan of the Food

Seriously, this was Silly Billy’s dream.  He LOVED every bit of his nuggets and chocolate milk, got to play in the indoor playground, got attention from everyone (he was definitely the best-dressed and cutest calf there), but he also got to hang out with his old buddy, the Chic-Fil-A mascot.

Cow friend

Had I known this would have been so exciting for him, we wouldn’t have gone so close to naptime and tried to convince Steve to dress up with us (wouldn’t that be something?).



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