Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Excuses for Disneyland (like we really need them) and Baby Sounds

One really nice thing about staying home with Liam and having a season pass to Disneyland is that whenever people come to town, we get to go to Disneyland!

We’ve had visitor after visitor. It’s been a crazy time here at Casa de Garff, CA. It has led to a lapse in blogging. Maybe that one should have been more have an “intention” than a “resolution”.

Our guests have been mostly family, starting with Steven’s mother, Karen, back at the end of January, who came with his brother, Kevin while interviewing for Loma Linda’s Medical School. We didn’t go to Disneyland this time, but maybe one day.

We went back to an awesome Thai place (thanks, Angie for discovering it!) to celebrate Steve’s 30th birthday. I wish we would have gotten a picture, because dining-in is so much better than take-out. My rice was shaped like a rabbit! I think it hurt the waitresses feelings that Liam devoured it so quickly.

We also took the opportunity to go back to Tijuana Taco’s in Pomona. Awesome as ever. I haven’t had a thing I didn’t like. I particularly liked Kevin’s torta. Mmmm.

IMGP0946 Steven’s cousin Derek’s wife and family came to Disneyland last week with the whole Larkin gang. It was a great excuse to go to Disneyland with Captain Adorable and he had an awesome time with his second cousins (and his Incredible Mom, even though she didn’t get many pictures).

IMGP0947 IMGP0948

My sister, Sherrie, came into town last Thursday, with her son Will. Since Will is tall enough to go on most of the big rides, I took the opportunity to leave Liam at home with Steven on Friday and went to Disneyland all by myself. All day. It was liberating. No diaper changes, no naps, and no one to worry about but myself (at least, that was the idea). Since this was my first time leaving the baby all day, it was a little hard at first, but after I heard that he took a 3 1/2 hour nap for Steve, I wasn’t so concerned and I know it was a fun day with Dad (even if they spent all day in their jammies.

I went on all the big rides and got to stay late to see the World of Color.

Haunted Mansion

Don’t be fooled by this picture, Will LOVED the roller coasters. We went on Thunder Mountain Railroad four times.

The Williams are both big fans of Lightening McQueen.

This push-car is probably Liam’s favorite toy. We found him the other day doing this and couldn’t help cracking up:

Lightening McQueen

Will got his picture taken with the real one.

Will and Lightening Toon town was loads of fun. I’ll have to take Liam back sometime now that he’s walking to play around there.

Dog Pound Driving the Car

On Monday, Liam and I both went back to Disneyland and CA Adventure for a Sister/Cousin day. They love being together and had a great time.

Rabbit HoleTeacup Cousins

TeacupsBy midafternoon, though, my William was worn-out. Even his favorite ride, The Jungle Cruise, couldn’t stop the yawns.

Jungle Cruise Tired

And speaking of being tired, Liam is a hoot, even when he sleeps. We took this gem of a video over the weekend when he had a bit of a stuffy nose. Sorry about the poor quality, our video monitor battery was dying.

It’s why I love having a monitor. Can’t believe that sound came out of such a little guy.

So many other sounds come out of him now, too:

Uh-oh (by far, his favorite word, especially when he’s causing problems for mom, like getting into somewhere he shouldn’t or making big messes)

Ba---Bath, usually said when he’s climbing in the bathtub

Bah---bark/dog. It’s his own word for dog, he says it every time a dog barks.

Da/Dada/DADADADA---Dad. His favorite person to wake up early in the morning. Too early for Dad’s taste.

Mama---mom, who he usually wants when he’s sad.

Bu-Bye (only once, but he waved at the same time and it was just so adorably cute).

Nanana---Banana, his favorite food.

Sometimes it also seems like he says “that” and “here”, “Kiki” and “Kitty”, but none of those seem definite enough to add to the list yet, but probably one day, right?

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