Tuesday, January 25, 2011

One Year Older and Wiser, Too

Steven hit the big 3-0 this weekend and we thought it would be a great opportunity to party.

Our party started off with a local 5k (for me, not Steve). I placed 3rd in my division with a PR of 21:08 and got my picture taken with former Kansas City Chiefs running back, Christian Okoye (the man behind the race).3rd Place with Christian Okoye

When I got home, Steven left to go skiing. Lucky for us, Mt. Baldy lets you go for free on your birthday.  And despite the fantastic 75* weather we’ve been having this January, there was still plenty of snow.

Mt Baldy

Most of our favorite UCLA friends were even able to attend the party that evening. It was great to get together again, especially since some we hadn’t seen in over a year.Steven's 30th Birthday partySteven's 30th Birthday boys

Celia Titera came to celebrate as well, even though it was her birthday, too.

Celia Birthday

It was a good excuse for Texas Sheet Cake.Steven Texas Sheet CakeBut then again, what isn’t? Cake


Anonymous said...

Good job on your race April.

Tell Steve he is old. ;)

Julie said...

Hey you guys, we were so sorry to miss this. Glad you had a great birthday Steve! We better see you guys soon.

Valerie and Mercado Family said...

Great job on your race and Happy Birthday Steven!

Laura and Clint said...

Good job on your race. I wish we could have some of that weather here in Utah.

Tyler and Karisa said...

I almost did that race April! I should have! :P Not that I wouldn't have done good at it. I need to pick your brain since you are obviously a much more seasoned runner than I am. I'm pretty much a wanna-be who is trying to get my steam back after badly pulling a muscle in my pelvic area while I was prego trying to do lunges after a run. The end.