Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year’s Resolution #11, Keep up the blog

I often end up a few days late, but when I write down my resolutions, and make them public, I tend to do a better job of keeping them.  I have picked 11 to work on this year.

1. PR in race (preferably my half marathon on Saturday)

2. Teach Liam to walk

3. Wean baby from nursing and pacifier

4. Lose 9 lbs.

5. Pay off car (ideally by June in case we decide to move when our lease is up)

6. Pay back our emergency fund (after our crazy December, it needs some padding).

7. Go biking/hiking/insert other exercise-related activity at least once a month as a family.

8. Try 100 new recipes---tested #1 yesterday (baked chocolate pudding) from the Barefoot Contessa Cookbook that Catherine and Michael gave me for my birthday. Yummy.

9. Do a better job of staying within the budget

10. Finally make/buy stockings I love (a project I’ve been intending to do for years).

11. Keep up with the blog (i.e. once per week or more as needed)

1 comment:

betsey said...

These sound great! We'll be following up with you :) hehehehe!

You can do it!