Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Baby’s Birthday Week

In our family, birthdays (especially Christmas birthdays) are a big deal.  So instead of one day of celebration, we go for a whole week.

We started off with a birthday party for all of Liam’s 1-year-old friends. Luckily for us, lots of them made the trek from LA to party.

bday party A few of his Rancho friends were able to come, too.

moms and babiesThe party had a racecar theme, complete with race. Don’t let Julie fool you, she didn’t win (though Rushton was a close second to Deanna). Race

There was even a race car cake with real toy race cars

race cake

along with tire cupcakes and other wheel-shaped foods.tire cupcakes He started off slow, but once William figured out the cupcake contained chocolate, there was no stopping him.bday cake  bday boy Liam’s generous friends gave him awesome gifts that he loves to play with.



And still likes to play with a week later.

truck farm Dump Truck After the festivities and a much-needed nap, Liam got to play with a present from Mom and Dad:


He’s not too sure about the helmet idea, though.


After the bike ride, the whole family got a present in honor of the new one year old:

new car It’s a 2008 Toyota Rav4. Only 35k miles and drives well. So far, so good.  Many thanks to Mike and Bri for their input and good taste.

On Liam’s actual birthday, he got to open a few extra presents, this time from Grandma and Grandpa Garff.

present from grandma phone

Even though I am anti Christmas presents for Christmas birthdays, we gave him a nativity so Liam has his own “decoration”.


Not that it really stops him from taking ornaments off the tree, but we tried.

The following Friday, Steve was able to get off work early due to the company Christmas party, so we took the opportunity to use Steve’s free “Give a Day, Get a Day” pass to go to Disneyland.

DSCN2710 (2)

It’s kinda sad the only day that Steve could get off to go to Disneyland was just a few short hours, but we did manage to have lots of fun together.escape  jungle cruise carousel! Toad Mr Toad's Wild Ride

The best part was that the festivities seem to never end! I was able to convince Steven and William to come on my run with me on Saturday before work.

bike path

And then off to LA for Lucy and Macy’s birthday where we had lots of fun eating, exploring, and socializing.

mail crawling at Macy party What an awesome week+!!! Thanks to everyone who helped make it fun!


Julie said...

The party was a smash success! But I believe that picture reveals that Deanna should be disqualified for help from mom!! Hahahhaha. The car looks great too, so happy for you guys. Too bad we didn't get to see you at Macy's!

Meredith said...

Wow- what a week!! Sounds like you had so much fun. You can never go wrong with Disneyland!!

Jacy said...

I really can't believe Liam is one! So cute! I LOVE the baby race and the adorable car cake. So fun!

And just FYI, we have both the little talking phone and the nativity set, and they are WELL LOVED toys at my house, even though my kids are 4 and 2, so I'm sure they'll be plenty loved for years to come.

(And I'm jealous you get to go to Disneyland!) Happy birthday, Liam!!