Sunday, December 5, 2010

Happy Birthday, Baby Boy!!!

I can’t believe our little guy is already one.  It seems like only yesterday that we were rushing across the UCLA campus from the hospital to the Bar Ceremony. Now we’re rushing across the chapel to make sure he doesn’t end up on the pulpit.

We’ve had a lot of fun with this little guy.  We knew the day we met him that those bright eyes and round face were the beginning of many months (and hopefully many more years) of fun.

NewbornP10105711 month


2 months

231 (2) 

3 months


4 months


5 months


6 months

William 002 (4) 

7 months

Nerdy William

8 months


9 months

pulling up

10 months


11 months

yummy dog treats

12 months (almost)

Bill and Billy


We’ve had a lot of fun and a lot of adventures. It’s been awesome watching him grow into his big personality and to see what traits/characteristics are sticking around.  He’s still our smiling, creature-caring,  binky-sucking, social, sensitive, silly Billy.

I’m also very glad his big, beautiful blue eyes made the cut. But surprised at how he filled out from a skinny little 10th percentile force-fed guy to a 22+ lbs chunker who can be persuaded to eat almost anything (edible or not).

We love you!


Meredith said...

Happy Birthday Liam! Love his big blue eyes!

Jill said...

He is so cute!