Thursday, June 17, 2010

Road Trip with Baby, Take 2

When we drove up to Salt Lake City for Christmas, it was smooth going.  Liam slept the entire drive, and we woke him up every 3 hours to eat.  When we went to St. George this weekend, it was an entirely different experience.

Not only did he refuse to eat much out of the bottle, and barely eat anything every time we stopped, but he’d fuss most of the time he was awake as well.  Let’s just say that this was less than pleasant. Next time, we’re not letting William drive.

DSCN2600 Once we got there and got him to bed, it was a different story. DSCN2533William settled quickly into his old routine and was thrilled to see his paternal grandparents and spend lots of fun times with his family.

DSCN2598 Mom and Dad were excited to go on their first date since he’d been born.  We went on a bike ride during his nap, and later, we went to see Iron Man 2, got sweet potato fries at a drive-up diner, and  go out for frozen yogurt.DSCN2540

DSCN2541We spent a fun afternoon at the pool.

DSCN2543  DSCN2547


The Williams had great fun together.


And made a second (this time successful) venture to the petroglyphs.



The dogs had a fun time chasing lizards and cooling off in puddles.


Though they were both exhausted by the end that it was faster to carry Kiki than let her walk.

DSCN2586 It was fun, especially the drive back home.  William made up for the way there by laughing and giggling and talking the entire time, even though it was way past his bedtime.

Hope to be back soon (if Steve can ever get another weekend off…).

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Matt and Karyna Bouslog said...

Fun date! Liam is such a cutie! Glad u got some quality baby free time together.