Tuesday, June 22, 2010

LA Adventures, or, “How Nike Went Bald”

While grooming Nike last Thursday, I found several large growths on his chest.  As they were slightly worrisome, we went to our vet in Los Angeles (we haven’t bothered to get a new vet yet) to have them removed.

Nike's Surgery (6)

While we were waiting for Nike’s surgery, Liam and I met up with friends from work at our favorite Mexican/El Salvadorian restaurant, Gloria’s. 

We then spent the afternoon at the beach with Rushton and Julie. We had loads of fun.

William 003 (3) William 004 (3)

Nike wouldn’t be ready until the evening, so Julie graciously invited us over for dinner with the sister missionaries.  Luckily, this time Liam wasn’t afraid. Just cranky. But then again, Rushton kept stealing his binky and toys, so I don’t blame Liam for being a little on edge.

William 002 (4)

We made it home without incident.  Well, all except Nike.  Luckily, he had benign fatty growths. But he’s still the one who had his chest hair replaced with staples.

Nike's Surgery (5)


Karen said...

Cute pics. Glad Nike is OK

Dagny said...

We're on vacation in So Cal and were thinking of stopping by but with all the family, I don't think it's going to happen :o( Maybe next time. Liam is getting cutter by the day!!!!

Matt and Karyna Bouslog said...

Poor lil doggy. And poor Liam getting his stuff taken...I'll warn Macy for next time she hangs with Rush, haha jk. I still think that's so funny about the sis missionaries.

Welfymom said...

Poor Nike. You got a day at the beach, he got stitches. Give him a hug for me.