Friday, June 25, 2010

Inchworm G. Garff

Today we traded in William for an inchworm.

Inchworm 002 (2)

Usually, he’s pretty content to just sit and play. As he has never before shown any interested in movement (except at night, then he’s ALL OVER THE PLACE!), it was surprising to see him inch along the floor today. Especially considering the squawks he makes during tummy time.

 Inchworm 002


His method of locomotion consists of him getting his feet up under him and pushing himself forward, and often sideways as well.

Inchworm 004

He’s not fast, nor does he particularly seem to enjoy “inching”, but we’ll take it!

Inchworm 008



Matt and Karyna Bouslog said...

Seriously can't get over how cute he is. Does he always have that adorable look on his face?

Karen said...

I am waiting for the wounded soldier crawl or crab walk.

Karen said...
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Tamara said...

I can't believe how adorable he is!! Isn't this just the best stage, so cute and not running around yet;)